Yoga-inspired exercises for Pregnancy

relax, stretch & breathe

Meet our fully qualified yoga-inspired exercise instructors

Berenice Sewell

berenice sewell

Berenice Sewell is a mum of two, who fully understands the joy and demands of being a mother. Since 1997 she has been qualified as an antenatal teacher for the National Childbirth Trust (NCT), certified in Parent Education. Following this she went onto train as an NCT Relax Stretch and Breathe, yoga inspired exercise instructor. Berenice has been a midwife for many years, helping women to achieve a positive birth outcome and start the transition to being a new parent.

pregnancy exercise with birthing ball

I found the Relax, Stretch & Breathe classes to be a very postitive and worthwhile experience. I just wish I had heard about them sooner so I could have come along to more. The breathing exercises were a great help and I remembered how to "blow out the birthday candles"! The time for discussion afterwards was a great opportunity to get support and advice from other mums-to-be and of course yourself. Thank you again!

Michelle (and baby Ethan)

I had a really difficult pregnancy,with morning sickness well into 30 weeks, SPD and a serious phobia of childbirth. The yoga classes helped me to be focused on breathing and being calm,the aim was on remaining positive and relaxed and seeing birth as a positive and rewarding journey with a lovely amazing baby at the end of it.The discussions really helped to answer any questions I had and the different topics we covered really helped especially hearing all the other ladies thoughts and viewpoints. I remembered the breathing all through my labour and having used the TENs machine in class, I felt confident and calm giving birth to my son. You were a fantastic instructor, always helpful and honest and I felt you dedicated precious time to each of us, ensuring we overcame any worries we had. I really enjoyed the classes and wish you had Mum and baby yoga too. Thank you for everything.

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