Yoga for Pregnancy & Mum & Baby

relax, stretch & breathe

Meet Berenice who is a fully qualified yoga teacher & midwife

Berenice Sewell

berenice sewell

Berenice is passionate at helping mum's to find their inner calm & confidence. To enable women to connect with their bodies & baby to achieve a healthy pregnancy, positive birth outcome & transition to life with a new baby in the postnatal period. Berenice is also a mum of two, who fully understands the joy & demands of being a mother.

a mum & her baby

I found the Relax, Stretch & Breathe classes to be a very postitive and worthwhile experience. I just wish I had heard about them sooner so I could have come along to more. The breathing exercises were a great help and I remembered how to "blow out the birthday candles"! The time for discussion afterwards was a great opportunity to get support and advice from other mums-to-be and of course yourself. Thank you again!

Michelle (and baby Ethan)

I had a really difficult pregnancy,with morning sickness well into 30 weeks, SPD and a serious phobia of childbirth. The yoga classes helped me to be focused on breathing and being calm,the aim was on remaining positive and relaxed and seeing birth as a positive and rewarding journey with a lovely amazing baby at the end of it.The discussions really helped to answer any questions I had and the different topics we covered really helped especially hearing all the other ladies thoughts and viewpoints. I remembered the breathing all through my labour and having used the TENs machine in class, I felt confident and calm giving birth to my son. You were a fantastic instructor, always helpful and honest and I felt you dedicated precious time to each of us, ensuring we overcame any worries we had. I really enjoyed the classes and wish you had Mum and baby yoga too. Thank you for everything.

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