Yoga for Pregnancy & Mum & Baby

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£7.00 per session for face to face classes. Online is also available. Concessionary rates are available. All venues have free car parking and refreshments are included.

Mickleover Methodist

Mickleover Methodist Church
Station Road
pregnant mums in child pose

Really enjoyed the sessions - all of it! good mixture of activities for mum & baby. Nice to socialise & share experience. Good to engage with baby - ideas to use at home.


I first went to Relax Stretch & Breathe yoga exercise classes as I have previously suffered with back problems so severe I had several weeks off work. This worried me as I knew pregnancy could aggravate this existing problem. The yoga poses really helped me to strengthen my back and got me right to the end of pregnancy without any serious problems and I only had minor niggles now and again. I feel without the yoga this would not have been the case. But this turned out to be only one of many benefits of the class. I used the breathing techniques learnt in class during early labour and as I planned a home birth these types of techniques that I could do at home were very important. The topic time at the end of each session was very informative and as the topic is guided by the class you were able to get detailed answers to even complicated questions you have. The relaxation time for me was invaluable, I had a stressful fast paced job and this time helped me to relax. I always slept well the night after yoga (and once or twice nearly dropped off in class I was that relaxed). I feel the main thing I got from this class is though is friendship, at such a beautiful, life changing and challenging time having people who understand what you are experiencing is invaluable. Some of the friends I have made I feel I will have for years and years to come. Both instructors were lovely and I recommended this class to anyone.

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